The Arts Society Heritage Volunteers are teams of committed non-specialist volunteers who work under the guidance of curators and other professionals to help conserve our heritage in, for example, museums, National Trust properties, historic houses, libraries and gardens. They give their time to care for collections, record documents and act as guides and stewards.

Heritage Volunteering is a rewarding activity - not only is there the satisfaction of helping in a conservation project, but there are opportunities for working with a team and learning new skills.

Latest news

Heritage Volunteering is now suspended due to the coronavirus.


Chichester Cathedral - organising its estate documents

The Cathedral Estates Department has a large collection of documents relating to the structure of the Cathedral and the adjacent buildings that it owns such as plans, drawings, minutes, letters and notes relating to at least the last 100 years.

When activity re-commences, we will start to sort the documents into subjects, weeding out items of no long term use and then cataloguing the rest of the collection onto a database.

Despite the current lack of activity, we would be pleased to hear from anyone who may wish to join the group when the restrictions are lifted. Click here for more details

Chichester Festival Theatre

Members from the Arts Society Lavant Valley group have been volunteering with Chichester Festival Theatre since 2012, listing and cataloguing our historic archives including film reels and Lesley Evershed-Martin’s newspaper scrapbook.

The Theatre’s Heritage and Archive Manager commented that “The theatre is very grateful for the dedication, unrelenting support and commitment the Arts Society Volunteers have shown to CFT.  They are passionate, have a great sense of fun and work to a very high standard".

Volunteers are not currently being sort for this project.