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11 June 2019Leonardo’s Women
14 May 2019Celebrating the RA: Its 250th Anniversary, 1768-2018
16 April 2019The Holland Park Circle
12 February 2019Dame Zaha Hadid
08 January 2019Johann Sebastian Bach
11 December 2018King George IV. The Greatest Royal Art Collector
13 November 2018Eric Gill, Jacob Epstein: The Revival of the Romanesque Tradition of Direct Stone Carving
09 October 2018Les Parisiennes: How Women Lived, Loved and Died in Paris from 1939 to 1949.
12 June 2018Women Behind the Lens
08 May 2018Picasso and Cubism
03 April 2018Let There be Light: the art and science of light in paintings
13 March 2018Children's Book Illustrations
13 February 2018In the National Interest:
09 January 2018"Not Bloody Likely!", the Covent Garden Piazza from Inigo Jones to Bernard Shaw and beyond.
12 December 2017Foreigners in London 1520-1677: the artists who changed the course of British art
14 November 2017Temples and Tombs and Treasure. In search of the Queen of Sheba
10 October 2017Who Wrote Shakespeare
13 June 2017Jade - The Orient
09 May 2017Tapestry: the Ultimate Wall Decoration
11 April 2017Edouard Manet; A Bar at the Folies-Bergère
14 March 2017Vivaldi in Venice
14 February 2017The New Cumberland Art Gallery at Hampton Court Palace
10 January 2017A Galaxy of Starchitects
13 December 2016'Fizz and Crackle' John Singer Sargent and his critics
08 November 2016The Mystery of Holbein's 'Ambassadors'
11 October 2016The Art of Enamelling
14 June 2016The Georgian House around the World
10 May 2016When Britain Clicked: Fab Photographs of the Swinging Sixties
12 April 2016Lancelot 'Capability' Brown (1716-1783): Landscape, Art and Dame Nature
08 March 2016Henry VIII and The Field of Cloth of Gold.
09 February 2016Titian: The First Modern Artist
12 January 2016Piano Man: The Life and Music of John Ogdon
08 December 2015William Morris and the founding of the Building Conservation Movement.
10 November 2015Classicism to Chintz: English Country House Interiors
13 October 2015Romancing the Rails: British Railway Posters. On Track with the World's Best
09 June 2015Jewellery of Rene Lalique
12 May 2015Thomas Heatherwick: the new Leonardo da Vinci of British design
14 April 2015Art and the Napoleonic Wars: a lecture marking the bicentenary of Waterloo
10 March 2015Gainsborough
10 February 2015I am the very model: parodies of Victorian society in Gilbert and Sullivan
13 January 2015The Newlyn School 1880 to 1914
09 December 2014Unwrapping the Christmas Story
11 November 2014The Genius of Antonio Stradivari
14 October 2014Habitat Catalogued
10 June 2014The Rothschilds of Waddesdon Manor
13 May 2014Houses and Gardens of the Bordeaux Region
01 April 2014Women Artists and Impressionism
11 March 2014War Artists, Intelligence and Spying
11 February 2014Rescuing Zeugma from the Floodwaters of the Euphrates
14 January 2014The drama behind the Taj Mahal
10 December 2013Deadly Rivals - The Earl of Arundel, The Duke of Buckingham and Charles I as patrons of the Arts
12 November 2013Prague - The City of the Winter Queen
08 October 2013Meet Me at the Waldorf

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Leonardo’s Women Shirley Smith Tuesday 11 June 2019

Leonardo’s images of women, whether Madonnas, mistresses or wealthy members of society are amongst the most renowned works of art of the Italian Renaissance.  
This lecture, designed to celebrate the 500th anniversary of his death, will study his revolutionary rendering of the female figure and how he harnessed the interplay of light and shadow to produce images that combine the spiritual with the sensual, the mystical with the mysterious